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Your Paucity Mindset May Be Affecting Your Finances

Is your relationship with money affecting your finances? How do you regard and behave towards money?

  1. Do you think money is the root of all evil?
  2. Do you believe that you do not deserve to be financially successful?
  3. Do you always feel that no matter how hard you work you are constantly broke?
  4. Are you living from paycheck to paycheck?
  5. Do you have a mindset of paucity or one of abundance?

how can financial recovery help you

When you hear the phrase financial recovery, what immediately comes to your mind? Many people may think it means getting out of debt or recovering financially after filing bankruptcy.  Yet, I was surprised to discover there is another meaning for the phrase “financial recovery”.

As a person who believes in the wholistic approach to health, I recognized a long time ago how your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health impacts the overall health of the body.  If you are worrying about money and constantly struggling to make ends meet, you will be negatively impacted mentally/emotionally, physically and spiritually. The same is true if you are physically, spiritually or emotionally stressed. Thus, one objective is to get healthy in your finances and while that may appear difficult if you are constantly broke, or living from paycheck-to-paycheck, you can still improve your financial health.


How you relate to money may be creating some of your financial problems. 

  1. Do you treat money with respect or are you cavalier about it? 
  2. Do you put money on a pedestal and idolize it or do you recognize that money is a necessity?
  3. Are you afraid of money?
  4. Do you feel that you are not worthy of having money?

If you relate to money in a negative or unhealthy way, it will be reflected in your finances. Unconsciously you will spend money in a way that aligns with your thoughts and beliefs. If you do not think you deserve money, you will hardwire your brain to seek out situations or behave in ways to make that a reality.

Maintain a healthy respect for money; yet, be fully aware than money does not buy sustained contentment.  You cannot live as if you have an unending supply of money; however, on the other hand, living in fear of spending money is equally damaging to your total health.  Like eating, you need to have a balanced approach to your finances and recognize that occasionally it is healthy to splurge.


  1. The first thing you need to do is to assess your finances. If you find that your lack of attention to your spending and financial situation has put you in debt, accept that reality.
  2. Calculate your assets and know the full extent of your debts
  3. Do not panic when you come face to face with the reality of your financial burden. Define your financial goal.  
  4. Find support, either trusted family friends or a professional counselor willing to work within your budget.
  5. The next step it to negotiate a way to reduce the amount legally and/or cancel or decrease the interest rate. 
  6. Then you need to arrange to pay off the amount in monthly installments. 

consequence on an unhealthy relationship

Unfortunately for some people, the only solution available may be filing bankruptcy; however, like dieting, if you go back to the same unhealthy money habits, you will find yourself back in the same situation.   

Most people with financial problems created those problems by living beyond their means due in part to their unhealthy relationship with money. Thus, it is important that you examine your relationship to money and develop a healthier attitude and relationship with money to improve your finances. As with every relationship, you must make the commitment and be willing to do the work to heal your relationship.


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