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I believe in community, this is why I am always open to forming partnerships with others that aid in the fulfillment of my mission for

Best You Made Possible.

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Tina Fryar-Jones is a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and functional aging specialist certified through American Council on Exercise (ACE).  Fitness influences her life because it is how God gifted her to help others.  Breaking Barriers Fitness was created to use fitness coaching to address physical fitness goals, improve activities of daily living, cultivate healthier nutritional habits, and encourage others to make lifestyle improvements. 

Tina’s goal is to coach individuals who are serious and ready to use challenges that have become barriers as a catalyst to obtaining optimal health. She actively provides one-on-one fitness coaching and training, nutritional guidance, and small fitness group training.  Her foundation is Christian, and she integrates biblical principles in her practice to address attitudes and behaviors, which ultimately impact actions.  She is honored to join in partnership with Best Made You Possible to encourage physical fitness and improved nutritional habits for those seeking optimal total health.  


I have been dabbling in yoga since the early 90’s. While I did not fully understand it, I recognized that it helped me to regain my equilibrium. Yet, I resisted it because I often felt that I had to DO MORE. That mindset got me injured and I shied away from the practice until I took a class with this phenomenal instructor: Debra Moises.

She is so humble and truly one of the most compassionate people I have ever met and I am happy to call her a friend and partner in this journey of mine. I have included the link to her site in the logo. Please do not hesitate to contact her, classes are free and she will work with you if you are a total beginner.

Sovereign Financial Group, Inc

Charles Failla (Chuck) directly oversees all the financial planning and investment management work done at Sovereign Financial Group, Inc. As a board-certified financial planner, Chuck understands that shepherding a client’s financial and retirement plan requires more than simply “picking investments”. Instead, he applies his experience to coordinate all aspects of a client’s financial picture: goals, investments, taxes, liabilities, and, estate / legacy planning. By following this disciplined approach, he can ensure all aspects of a client’s financial and estate planning needs are properly coordinated and continuously monitored.

Saint Albans Church

M.P. Harrington is the Rector of Saint Albans Church in midtown Manhattan. He is a graduate of Mc Gill University and has been in parish ministry for over twenty years.


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