My 60-Pound Weight Loss

All calories are not created equally in the long run. You can eat 1200 calories of healthy nutritious foods or 1200 calories of egg McMuffin, fried rice and hamburgers. While you can still lose weight if you keep your calorie count equal, you will be impacting your health negatively in the long run with the highly processed foods of the second meal plan. An occasional egg McMuffin is okay; however, eating foods like this frequently or every day will increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression, digestive issues, to name a few.

calories are not equally created

These foods are highly processed with a high percentage of saturated fat, high milligrams of sodium and of course, increased amounts of added sugar. These three things combine to increase your chances of developing the above-mentioned diseases.

Your health is not just about the number of calories consumed; it is about the quality of the source of those calories. I watched my mother eat small portions, raw vegetables and minimally processed foods her entire life; she was never overweight, and all her vital numbers were consistently healthy.

So why did I not learn from her? LOL

I did to some degree, but I must confess, I developed a liking for processed carbohydrates. Fast forward how many years later and I finally saw the “error of my choices”; thus, I began doing the work to make the positive changes in my health. I had to change my lifestyle, not only my diet and to do this I had to lose some unhealthy habits.

what I realized after my 60-pound weight loss

  • Losing weight is not difficult, it is maintaining the weight loss that is a challenge.
  • Make your meals count-maximum impact with minimal unhealthy calories and be creative to make them tasty.
  • Eat your vegetables (they fill you up and are an excellent source of nutrients).
  • Keep the processed carbohydrates to a minimum.
  • Keeping the weight off requires you to make the commitment to this newer and healthier lifestyle (do the spiritual and emotional work).
  • Be mindful every day of the food choices that you make, check your portion size.
  • Take the time to eat your food properly (don’t rush it and savor every bite-mindfully enjoying the experience).
  • Drink your water (hydration is good for the optimal function of your organs and joints)
  • Move more (I used to exercise 3-4 days a week, now I consistently work out 5 days a week).
  • Treat yourself, preferably with non-food products; however, if it must be food, consciously choose a small portion and thoroughly enjoy it.
  • Avoid the idea of deprivation, because foods become more tempting when you tell yourself “I can’t have this”.
  • Understand the importance of prioritizing your health.

the benefits I experienced from losing 60 pounds

  • I believed in myself again (confidence)
  • I began to enjoy putting on my clothes
  • My skin was more radiant
  • I move better and of course my endurance has increased
  • I am more toned and stronger (I am fitter and healthier)
  • I no longer shy away from being out in public

Weight loss like life, is a journey. You don’t lose the weight and stop, it requires doing the healthy things every day for the rest of your life (it will eventually become your norm, but you must make the commitment daily to make the healthier choices). Living a healthier life is a choice!

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