What’s The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself?


Most of you have heard this before; yet, many of you continue to ignore your health.  It may not seem relevant now; however, the unhealthy choices that you consistently make will come back to negatively impact your life unless you start becoming aware right now. Make one small change today, be consistent daily and see how much better you feel in 30 days.

one small change you can make today

  • Snack on fruit (instead of chips and cookies)
  • Cut the size of your meals in half
  • Move more (take the stairs, walk to do your errands)
  • Make a budget and stick to it
  • Pray and/or meditate daily
  • Hydrate with healthy fluids (water, coconut water, decaffeinated herbal teas)
  • Be thankful for your blessings
  • Show compassion to self and others

learn to eat mindfully & in moderation

I am a physician and I am not proud to say that I took my health for granted.  I thought I could eat whatever and whenever without consequences.  Guess what I found out; I could not work out long enough to prevent myself from gaining weight. 

Why am I so passionate about you becoming mindful of your health? 80% of the top six causes of death in the USA/World can be decreased by a change in lifestyle.

I saw firsthand for thirty years the consequences of excess weight and making a change in your weight is something that you can do to improve your health (if excess weight is your risk factor). You may not realize the damage being done because it creeps up so gradually and often symptoms appear when it’s too late; yet, the damage can be halted and, in many cases, reversed if you make one small shift today (focus on prevention).


Do I not want to have my cake and eat it too?  Absolutely, however, when you understand that your health is a priceless commodity that cannot afford to take for granted, you will begin to make healthier choices.  

You are responsible for your health; however, you may be unintentionally sabotaging your health by the stories you frequently tell yourself.

I will start getting healthy tomorrow.

I am too busy.

I don’t like to work out.

Everyone in my family has diabetes, high blood pressure, or smokes.

I was always fat, so really, I can’t lose weight.

I love food too much.

I am addicted to carbs.

It’s too expensive to eat healthy.

The list is endless, and I told myself many of these stories over the years until one day I woke up and realized the ‘lies’ were affecting my health and making me unhappy (physically and emotionally).


When you lose weight, you not only decrease your blood pressure and improve your heart health, you also improve your mobility and breathing. Let’s face it, when you are physically fitter, you feel healthier and there is also an overall glow to your appearance, not to mention a boost in your self-confidence.

While taking the first step to the healthier you may at first seem daunting, remember these positive benefits to give yourself the extra nudge you need to get started.

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