Taking That First Step

What is that one step that you have been wanting to take when it comes to your health? Have you been thinking, “I don’t really think I can make that much of a commitment?” If you can make the commitment to your spouse or significant other, you can make the commitment to you (a very important person in your life).

Change is essential for growth

The five stages of change according to a study done by psychologists Carlo Di Clemente, Ph. D., and James O. Prochaska, Ph. D., are:

  2. CONTEMPLATION (beginning to get serious)
  3. PREPARATIONnow you are committed to change

The new healthier version of you is patiently waiting on your decision, would you take the first step and start preparing seriously for change?

start with baby steps until you gain strength

Start by taking a few baby steps and see how that feels. For one week, you could add one serving of fruit daily to your diet. Remember how babies start to crawl and then shimmy and then walk. Remember the glow on their faces when they realize they are stronger and more confident, you too can experience that same satisfaction when you gain your footing on this new healthier lifestyle journey.

Next, try getting off the train one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way home two days a week for a month and see how that change felt.


Change is difficult because there is a certain comfort in the known and fear of the unknown can often prevent one from taking that first step, even when it is necessary. Consider all the pros and cons of staying versus taking that first step. Write it down, on paper you get a different and sometimes a better perspective. Discuss it with a trusted friend.

CHANGE can seem overwhelming at first

Change causes a whole slew of emotions, with fear being the biggest, in many people. Fear paralyzes many, resulting in their stagnation. They are afraid that something may be lost with change.

  1. Try listing all the positives you will gain with change.
  2. Instead of thinking it’s too much, try setting smaller goals that you can easily accomplish.

LIVE LIFE WITHOUT REGRETS, pursue your dreams

If there is something that you truly want, commit to achieving it.

  1. Make a list of everything that will be required to achieve that goal (make a plan).
  2. Be specific with the steps required.
  3. Next focus on the first step.
  4. Then set a date when you will take action.
  5. Give yourself a time frame in which to accomplish that first action step.
  6. Reward yourself for that accomplishment, because it was a SIGNIFICANT step to the new you.

With each successful step, your confidence will increase and before you know it, you would have successfully achieved the change you desired.

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