A Merry Christmas Letter To Everyone

Happy Holidays. It May Be A Tad Different, But We Can Still Be Merry.

I cannot give you what you want, but I can give you something that you need [a reminder of God’s love].  It is the season to be merry and many may be struggling to be merry.  It is not a matter of what; instead, it is a matter of who.  Who you are and whose you are should generate such peace and contentment that you are able to be merry despite the current uncertainty.


Be merry because you are certain of God’s unconditional love. Be merry because there is still much to be grateful for, and most of all be merry because thankfully Jesus Christ was born and paid our sin debt in full.  What you need right now is to rememberyour life matters to God. You are a valuable creation and God still plans to prosper you; therefore, trust and believe in the truth of His love and have faith in His Sovereignty.


Yet He never said it would be smooth sailing.  Instead, He promised that He would be right there with us, guidingprotecting, and strengthening us to get through the trials and tribulations; thus, be

Merciful in your dealings with others. Recognize that we are each at a different stage of our journey and show.

Empathy for self and each other.  No one is perfect and we each may succumb to the temptations of the flesh and make some mistakes.

Remember that we are each a child of God; thus, we should endeavor to think, speak, and act in ways that honor our heavenly Father.

Receive the love given to you with open arms and in turn share that love with each other.  No one is an island, and we need to connect, engage, and be kind to each other. It is in giving love that we find our greatest joy.

Yield to the power of the Universe, the power of your God, who ultimately controls everything and knows what is best for each of His children.


Thus, you can still have a Merry Christmas when your practice being merry, and remember Jesus Christ was incarnate as man; He accepted His Father’s will in complete obedience and love for our salvation. Show gratitude, give praise and be merry.

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