Cabin Fever Sets In As Uncertainty Reigns

The initial excitement of having all this time to relax has worn off.  Well, perhaps there was not much excitement; yet to be honest, some may have welcomed a break from the daily demands of work. Now the dawning reality of what this will mean to the finances of many is beginning to set in.

psychological impact of confinement

This long confinement is also beginning to have a psychological impact, and many may begin to feel irritable and/or listless. The initial desire to stimulate your mind and body is dwindling as the uncertainty of when this confinement will end begins to also take a physical and spiritual toll. Some relationships may be tested during this time and unfortunately, at the end of this lockdown, some relationships may end.

concern about covid-19 disease increases

Escaping the thoughts and worry is becoming harder with each passing day as you watch the news and get the sense that even the experts don’t know the full scope of this Covid-19 disease and how to properly treat it.  You may be sitting in dread wondering if any of your family members will get infected. Many of you may already know someone who has lost a family member, friend or co-worker; some of you may have already lost family members, friends or colleagues.

You may be sitting there wondering “How can I cope with this?”, or even wondering, “Will I get infected?” You may be suppressing your fear by eating excessively, drinking too much alcohol or smoking more than you normally do in an effort to soothe your fears and calm your mind.

what you can do to stay positive

  • Hold on to your faith
  • Know that God is in control and He will get you through this
  • Make sure to take all the necessary precautions when you do venture out
  • Distract yourself with a good bout of activity (enough to raise your heart rate if there are no contraindications)
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep
  • Try to eat as healthy as you can
  • Watch a good comedy and laugh your heart out
  • Reach out to a good friend or family member

OUR MINDS CAN BLOW THINGS OUT OF PROPORTION; while there is no denying these are uncertain times, there is also no denying that you can only do what you can and trust God.

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