How To Be Empowered By Your Beliefs


BELIEVE, choose a belief that is positive and touches you on a deep level. If you believe in God, two empowering beliefs are: you are child of God and you were created in the image of God. How can you waiver with such beliefs. It starts with belief my friend, and if you must repeat them a thousand times until you believe, do so, because it is the truth.

RELAX as you recite the belief out loud or in your mind, relax in the knowledge that God has your back. Feel the tension leaving your body as you relax in that knowledge.  God promises never to forsake you.

EXAMINE your BETS (beliefs, emotions, and thoughts) as they pertain to the situation or moment. Usually at the root of your emotional upheaval is a limiting belief or toxic thought.  The more you dwell on it, the more emotional you become, and it takes you back to places you do not want to revisit.  Almost in a daze you find yourself right back in the unhealthy habit you were trying to change.  You needed relief from the pain, and you needed it immediately.

accept 100% responsibility for your CHOICES

ACCEPT gracefully the truth and reality that you are upset, sad, ticked off, bored, lonely, etc; however, do so with C<>A<>R<>E. Mistakes will be made by you and others and emotions will run wild in you and others. Mindfully note without judgment or criticism. Care for yourself with COMPASSION (to self and others); ACCEPTANCE (of self and others); RESPECT (for self and others); and EMPATHY (for self and others).

Often you shy away from examining your emotions because you fear the pain will overwhelm you; yet you are stronger than you think or believe.  It is not easier to just reach for a quick fix when you realize the quick fix results in long term unhealthy consequences, that are often harder to overcome.

TRUST that God will give you the strength to make decisions from a place of clarity and compassion.

HONOR your values with healthy actions as you are no longer blinded by the fog of your limiting beliefs, distracting emotions, and toxic thoughts.

EMPOWERED by His love, you are set free from the transient confusion designed to tempt or entice you into making unhealthy choices. With clarity you remember, you were created in the image a King, and designed to live a fulfilled and abundant life. Have the courage to accept the gift of God’s eternal and empowering love.


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