How To Define Your Worth With Confidence


When you are a child of emotional or physical abuse, that is a question you tend to run from.  In fact, you will go to great lengths to avoid thinking about your worth. Those lengths may be excessive drinking, use of drugs, excessive shopping, gambling, sex, or abuse of food. When you stop and start thinking, you start feeling, which leads to emotional pain.

When you think about your worth, you often believe you are “not worthy” or think “you are lacking in some area”.  Those faulty b.e.ts (beliefs, emotions, and thoughts) are often what lead to your emotional pain, which can cause the development of p.e.g.s. (pride, embarrassment, guilt, and shame). Pegs are emotions that can often keep you stuck in your pain.


  1. Turn your limiting beliefs into beliefs that are liberating.
    • Believe that you are worthy because you are created in the image of Christ
    • Believe you are worthy because your creator loves you
    • Believe you have been given everything that you need to succeed
  2. Turn your destructive emotions into emotions that are dynamic.
    • Use your emotions to energize you
    • Use your emotions to take positive action
    • Use your emotions as signals for c.h.a.n.g.e (compassion, humility, acceptance, nurturing, gratitude, and empathy)
  3. Turn your toxic thoughts into thoughts that are transformative.
    • Think, “I am strong with God’s help
    • Think “I am confident that God has my back
    • Think “I am worthy because I am a child of God, created for an amazing purpose


Remember change is a part of life, nothing stays the same and every day is an opportunity for you to grow into the person God created you to be. Throw, pride, embarrassment, guilt, and shame away. Leave that bag of pegs at God’s feet.  Accept that some things are beyond your control and trust that your creator will take what was meant to hurt you and use it for your good. Then step confidently forward in the knowledge that you are empowered by God’s love.

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