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How To Stay Positive In The Midst Of This Pandemic

I went to church on Sunday for my weekly spiritual nourishment, which always makes me feel better. There is something about being in a house of God with other like-minded citizens that provides a profound sense of comfort. However, that was not the case last Sunday; the congregation looked “extremely depressed”, which detracted from the usual positive nourishment of the experience.  The burden of uncertainty and isolation created by the pandemic is becoming too much to bear.

Christians Are Struggling Too

As Christians we are expected to be faithful “believers”.  If that is the case, we should be able to remain at peace, full of joy, and be content even during these trying times.  For the first time since the lockdown began in March 2020, I felt that the stress created by the extended duration of negativity is beginning to test even those of faith.  When even Christians are struggling, it makes you wonder how non-believers are coping.  We have the greatest power on our side and still doubt is creeping in.

Doubt Creeps In When We Lose Our Focus

The constant noise and voices distract you and create confusion.  Of course, intentionally and unintentionally designed to cause you to shift your focus from love to fear.  As you spend more time with fear, it gets more overwhelming, completely blotting out the truth.  As you lose clarity, you lose your focus and end up wasting your money, energy, and time trying to overcome the fear.  Sadly, we forget that overcoming fear is not that difficult.

Overcome Fear With A Positive Attitude

C.L.E.A.N. out the confusion created by fear and regain your positive attitude.  Regain clarity when you remember to show:

Compassion to self and others

Listen with patience for the truth

Embrace fully the gift of love given to each of us from God

Accept that control is ultimately God’s

Nourish yourself daily in healthy ways

Your Daily Nourishment Impacts Your Total Health

When faced with uncertainty, you respond by consistently doing the things that you can control.  What you can control daily is how you nourish yourself.  Most people think that eating is the only way we nourish our bodies; however, we must be aware that what we take into our bodies via our other senses also affect our total health. 

The thoughts you think and feed yourself daily shape your mindset and design your map.  The words you listen to, either from self, others, music, movies, or books can impact your attitude.  What you see and watch on a regular basis also seep into your mind and soul, tainting your perspective and practices.  In other words, we must be mindful of our daily nourishment and work to make sure it is healthy.

Take Control of Your Total Health

The best revenge is to stay healthy or get healthy.  Science has repeatedly shown that being unhealthy is linked to our daily nourishment and a lack of health impacts our quality of life. How do you stay healthy in the midst of this uncertainty? Be consistent with your daily healthy self-care routine.  P.R.E.E.N.S. for total health:

Pray daily and take mindful pauses throughout your day

Rest and relax daily, making sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep

Eat healthy foods and portions

Exercise often and move more daily

Now is the time that you have, so be mindful to live in the now more

Save and spend your money, energy, and time wisely

Your Quality Of Life Is Your Choice

Choose to live in a state of abundance by choosing love instead of fear.  Learn to live daily with an open heart and mind and be victorious and empowered by the power within you.

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