What are you AFRAID of losing?


Are you living in fear or in love? A strange question you may think, but take a minute to ponder this idea by answering these 4 questions:

  1. What do you do when you are AFRAID of falling?
  2. What do you do when you are AFRAID of losing something?
  3. What do you do when you are AFRAID of losing someone?


YOU HOLD ON TIGHTER when you are afraid; you don’t really believe in the strength of this love. There is a lack of trust it its dependability. When it’s a thing you may even hide it so no one can find it, unfortunately, sometimes you hide it so well, you yourself can’t find it. 

When it’s someone “you love”, you may try to control their exposure to other people and experiences (afraid they may find other people and experiences more fascinating/interesting than you). “When you love someone, set them free (LET GO!), if it’s perfected love, they will come back to you.”

4. What are you believing that is creating so much fear inside you?


Fear restricts your growth by limiting (constricting) your potential.  When you hold on, you trap yourself within a circle (your circle of constriction/restriction).  The area within that circle is as much as you will allow yourself to grow.

Conflict (unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and a lack of peace) arises when “self” (you) recognizes that it is trapped and cannot get out.  Trapped because in your fear, you are holding on so tightly, you have closed the door and trapped yourself within that tiny area, that ridiculously small space. Your body feels the effect of fear; fear stresses your entire body, mind, and soul.


Let go, let God, live with gratitude, and stop limiting growth (your growth).  So, what are you holding on to so tightly because of your fear of loss?  Is it your job, your fancy apartment or house, the image that “you have it together” [pride], a “friend”, a limiting belief, fear, a marriage, or a relationship?

The restlessness, the dis-ease, and that lack of peace you are feeling right now is coming from your fear of loss, a lack of clarity, or perhaps a loss of focus. Fear creates doubt, which clouds the issue and creates confusion. However, consider this, isn’t it worth it to lose whatever you are holding on too so tightly in order to regain your clarity and focus to gain your full potential?


Isn’t it worth it to give yourself the opportunity to grow to your fullest potential?  You will never know what that is as long as you mistakenly believe that in holding on, you are better off.  No, my friend, in holding on so tightly, you are stifling yourself.

That pressure you feel in your chest is due to a lack of oxygen, a lack of space to breathe and grow freely.  Let go, give yourself space to grow, space to breathe, and yes, space to be free. Allow the light in to help you grow to your full potential (living at maximum jopeco level).

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