Your Unhealthy MAP Prevents You From Losing Weight

Everyone knows what to do to lose the weight [destination].  It is not a secret and it’s not magical.  However, many struggle to lose weight and keep it off because they do not have the right map.

Unhealthy Habits Prevent You From Achieving Your Desires

Something is unhealthy when it prevents the body, mind, and soul from being in harmony and functioning optimally.  That is anything that prevents you from living a fully vibrant life, being satisfied and happy, and living dis-ease free.  A totally healthy body is one that is in complete alignment/balance in all areas [emotional/mental/psychological; physical; spiritual; and financial].  If there is disharmony in any of these areas, it will negatively impact the function of the other areas of your life and your total health.

Your MAP Affects Your Total Health

When you hear the phrase “total health”, you may automatically think weight loss; however, while losing weight may be required, total health is more than your weight.  Total health is the health of the entire being, which is impacted by the map we use.  The entire being is not just a body, the entire being is composed of the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.  If you neglect any area of this being, this being [you] will become unhealthy.  Life can stress the entire being when your map causes you to process life’s “ifs” improperly.

Subtle Ways Unhealthy Manifests

You may look at your life and think, “I am healthy, what is she talking about?”  Yet, the idea that you are totally healthy needs to be examined.  However, always remember when you examine anything, keep an open mind and heart [do so with love].

  • You feel something is missing and never feel satisfied or fulfilled [paucity mindset]. Shift your focus from lack by focusing on your positives.
  • You are pursuing and accumulating things instead or embracing your life and accumulating joy, peace and contentment [attitude of love]. Gratitude allows you to feel loving, which allows you to respond to self and others with love. Treating yourself with c.a.r.e. will allow you to make more progress.
  • You struggle excessively with self-control in an area or areas of your life [how and what you practice daily].  Consistently practice the healthy habits [start with small healthy habits and repeat them daily until they displace an unhealthy habit].

No One Is Perfect

It is not about perfection; it is about being your best.  As long as we continue to resist, we will continue to have dis-ease and unhappiness in our lives.  What are you resisting? 

  • God is in CONTROL [total]
  • God’s unconditional love for you
  • God’s plans to prosper you and have you live abundantly

Our MAP Causes Us To Resist

We resist, and while you may not call it resistance, it is.  We all resist because we “think, believe, and feel that we know what’s best for us”.  We recognize when we do certain things, we get certain positive results, or we get some negative results.  Then we get puffed up with pride and start believing that we have it all figured out. 

Clarity, Love, Acceptance & Discipline

Get comfortable with the idea that we do not have it all figured out and be glad you don’t have it all figured out.  Learn to live each day with an open heart and mind, fully embracing every opportunity  for love and growth.  I say this, “to resist is futile”, which may prolong your unhappiness and dissatisfaction.  Your pride propels you to resist because “you believe you have a better way”. 

I speak from the experience of one who resisted; however, I learned after forty years that “your quality of life, your daily state of satisfaction [joy, peace, and contentment] goes to another level when you get clear about who is in control, accept with joy His leadership and guidance“, and practice discipline daily in everthing you do.

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