Do You Know That You Binge More When You’re Needy?

Is bingeing destroying your plans to lose weight?

You are on a mission to get healthy, you started making lifestyle changes and things were going well.  Then you had a stressful day at work; you come home and head straight to the kitchen.  In a state of intense emotion, you take a bite and when the dust settles, you have eaten two large packages of Oreo cookies, some left over food, and a tub of ice cream.

A different perspective on bingeing

You use bingeing to treat your panic attack.  The emotions from your stressful day creates a sensation of intense fear or panic.  You “feel like you are suffocating” from the intense emotions bubbling up inside and you have to do something (binge) immediately or you will not be able to b.r.e.a.t.h.e.

The truth about bingeing

The f.a.c.t.  (loss of focus, awareness, clarity, and trust) about bingeing is that you have forgotten your p.a.c.t. (purpose, goal of abundant living, self-control, and to trust the power within you).  You forget your pact c.a.u.s.e. your immediate needs “appear” extremely pressing and urgent.  There is only one thing that you need so urgently in life, that you will die from if you do not get immediately, and that is air (oxygen).

No need to binge when you feel panicked

The cure for most panic attacks is to regain calm and clarity.  Calm is restored when you stop and realize there is air all around you.  Stop, be still, look up, and b.r.e.a.t.h.e. (thank God).  After taking a few breaths, the emotional fog is cleared from your mind and heart.  Clarity returns and you see there was no need to panic and start “hoarding supplies” (bingeing).

BEHIND every binge IS YOUR B.E.T.H.

Behind every binge is your B.E.T.H. (BETH is the story that you tell yourself frequently.  Beth is your limiting beliefs, destructive emotions, toxic thoughts, and your unhealthy habits).  BETH convinces you that your needs must be met immediately and succeeds because your story is most convincing when you are most vulnerable, which is usually when we are needy.  When we need comfort, appreciation, to be understood, to feel safe/secure, and be engaged or entertained.

No one enjoys feeling uncomfortable, every person wants to feel appreciated or valued. There is no one out there who enjoys feeling unsafe, exposed, or threatened, and most people do not like being bored.

B.e.t.h. wins because we exist in fear

When there is need, it implies there is a lack (something is missing or not enough).  When you have the mindset of lack/paucity, you exist in constant fear that there is not enough.

  1. Fear destroys your self-control, and you start stocking up/hoarding supplies (aka: bingeing) for the anticipated shortage. 
  2. Fear makes you feel panicky and in a hurry to get relief (binge). Too busy panicking, you forget that all you have to do is stop, breathe, and trust the power within.
  3. Fear uses your arrogance and pride to trap you and trip you up.  You fall hook line and sinker for the trap of believing that you can have just one.
  4. Fear makes you forget that love is stronger and that when you trust love completely you vanquish fear and have no need to binge.

Shift your focus from fear to love, it really does impact the quality of your life. Take a moment to reflect on the times in your life when you made a decision from a place of fear or panic. Now, think about those times when you made a decision from a place of calm and love (much more happiness and joy).

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