Do You Think You Are Healthy?


Most people believe that if they have the right numbers when they go to the doctor that they have a clean bill of health.  They erroneously believe that they are healthy; yet strangely many of these same people feel a certain dis-ease, a feeling they cannot quite explain (a feeling that everything is not “within normal limits”).

a different definition of healthy

I was one of those people.  I had a healthy blood pressure, and most of my other numbers were “within the normal limits“.  Strangely, I did not feel healthy.  That feeling of dis-ease is what got me started on this journey to total health.

Total health to me means a healthy mind, body, and soul.  Nothing new there, but here is where I differ: your total health depends on the health of your m.e.n. Your mindset is either one of abundance (love) or paucity (fear); your emotional landscape is either cluttered or clean; and your needs are either essential or non-essential.

Why I feel strongly about total health

I believe that when you learn how to optimize your total health, which you can, your quality of life increases exponentially.  The misconception many have is thinking this means lots of fame and fortune, but that may or may not happen and still your quality of life will be awesome. Why? Your maximum quality of life = optimal total health + peak JPC (aka: jopeco) level.  You will have joy, peace, and contentment no matter what life throws your way.   Stop looking around and shift your focus inwards and up to optimize your total health and your quality of life.

operate from a foundation of strength

You reap what you sow“, you have all heard this at some point in your life.  I take it one step further, if the soil that you sow in is unhealthy, you will not bear many healthy fruits, if any at all.  Thus, it stands to reason that if you want to get to your optimal state of total health, you need to till your soil.  You need to remove the junk and debris that is cluttering up your landscape.

how to clean up your landscape

I: It will require some pruning and patience, so please go S.L.O.W.

  • Slow it down folks, pause, b.r.e.a.t.h.e.   There is a reason why we often tell patients when their blood pressure (tension/stress) is high that they need to manage their stress level.  One way to do this is to learn the art of relaxation: b.r.e.a.t.h.e. (a simple relaxation technique I developed using positive phrases to restore calm).
  • Let go of your “preconceived notions” and listen and learn what your messy landscape is trying to tell or teach you.  Avoid the mad dash into “assumptions”, there is a different perspective.
  • Open your heart and mind to opportunities for growth and love.
  • Wait patiently and with compassion on the universe, your God to direct your path.

II: Learn the art of “letting go gracefully”. I struggled with letting go.  Looking back, I realize that I limited my own growth with my unhealthy B.E.T.H. (is the story of your limiting beliefs, destructive emotions, toxic thoughts, and unhealthy habits that control your life).  BETH influences every action you take (your response to life) and therefore the current state of your life.

  • Realize that change is a necessary ingredient for you to grow into your full potential.
  • To grow, you must also “let go”, get rid of, throw out, or clean out the negative BETH in your life, and give yourself more space to breathe and grow.


That is my opinion, you may disagree; however, keep an open mind and think about this.  Everything flows from one source, if that source is contaminated or diseased, then everything in its path will be contaminated or diseased.

If you are operating from foundation of paucity (FEAR) instead of abundance (LOVE), your entire life will show the unhealthy effects of fear [anger, bitterness, unhappiness, resentment, complaining, impatience, arrogance, selfishness, unhealthy habits and addictions, etc.]. When your foundation is love, the results are maximum joy, peace, and contentment [compassion, humility, acceptance, nurturing, gratitude, empathy, self-control]; love changes you for the better.


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