Why knowing Your “WHY” positively impacts your quality of life

Knowing Your “WHY” Changes Your MAP

If you do not know why you are headed in that direction, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes, get lost, and probably give up in frustration.  I know, “been there, and done that”, and it left me feeling “empty and unhappy”.  As long as I can remember, I was always asking “Why?”  Why was I born, and what was my purpose?

Find Joy With Your “WHY”

Sure, you may still get frustrated when things don’t go your way, but this time, you don’t consistently make poor choices or give up.  When you know your why, you find your talents begin to blossom.  You also discover your inner strength.  You develop healthier habits, because you recognize that working smarter and being totally healthy are necessary for accomplishing your “Why”.  Your why is your personal purpose.

The Wrong MAP Ruined My Health

I was convinced I had it all figured out and set off on my journey to conquer the world.  Going full steam ahead on willpower I made some progress; however, there were a lot of pitfalls along the way.  I also let the “shiny things” distract me.  Despite accumulating all the “things I thought I wanted and needed”; I was still empty and unhappy.  Something was wrong, but I was afraid to “change the status quo”, and so I tried to fill the emptiness inside with more things [food].  I held on tighter and almost lost my way.

Use Your “WHY” To Revise Your Story

The story [BETH] I had been telling myself for years was not grounded in truth, but I failed to realize that until 2018.  BETH controlled my life and I had to hit a wall before I finally realized my mistake. However, by then I was 60 pounds overweight and battling anxiety.  My limiting beliefs had me stuck in a life that was unfulfilling; my destructive emotions had me addicted to carbohydrates; my toxic thoughts caused me to act impulsively; and all these resulted in unhealthy habits that left me totally unhealthy and unhappy.

How I Changed My MAP

Why then?  I realized that I had lost sight of my purpose.  I had forgotten my “WHY?”  That’s when I reframed my story and change my map.  It was also when I shifted my focus from fear to love.  I started practicing self-love. 

I finally recognized that for thirty years, I had been abusing myself.  I spoke negatively to myself constantly; I showed no compassion, acceptance, respect, or empathy to myself.  I demanded more and more and was never satisfied with the results of my efforts.  I had a paucity mindset, a mindset of fear instead of love.  Learning to love me, changed my attitude and my practices.  Yet, I could not get to this place of abundant joy, peace, and contentment if I had not “stopped running in fear” and discovered my “WHY?”

Be Your BEST You With Love

Believing in love leaves you feeling empowered.  Love builds you up.  Love is patient and encourages you to explore and find your talents. Love teaches you that acceptance of life is essential for your growth.  Love shows you that growth by definition implies change.  

If you are not changing , you have become stagnant, and you are not living abundantly. Be your BEST; start believing, embracing, sharing, and trusting love.  Love gives without expectation. Show appreciation and be grateful for your blessings, for the gifts that you have received. LOVE and live abundantly!


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