Love gives without expectation

20 Reasons Why Love Is More Powerful Than Fear


Your mother probably told you that you catch more flies with honey; however, is that the reason why love is more powerful?  Love is more powerful because it builds and encourages one’s potential with no hesitation.  Fear destroys and greedily tries to ruin your life.


Love mends with acceptance and encouragement, while fear tears you down with criticism and judgment.

Love patiently waits for you to grow; fear on the other hand, rushes you into making poor choices that stalls or blocks your growth.

Love opens the door to your full potential; fear keeps the door tightly shut, limiting your potential for growth.

Love makes you feel strong; fear leaves you feeling weak and tired all the time.

Love improves your self-control; fear frequently causes you to lose self-control and give into the temptations around you.

Love trusts in your ability and sets you free to explore; fear is afraid you may discover your true ability and keeps you enslaved and trapped by your fleshy desires, needs, and wants.

Love heals the hurts and soothes the pain; fear causes you more hurt and pain daily.

Love is honest and tells the truth tactfully with compassion; fear lies all the time, controlling you by deception and half-truths.

Love is crystal clear; fear keeps you in the dark confused and always guessing.

Love always forgives; fear always holds a grudge and finds a way to punish you with guilt or shame.


Love disciplines with mercy; fear is cold and callous, showing no mercy for your ignorance or unhealthy choices.  Fear gleefully delights in your poor judgment.

Love will always protect and shield you from the enemy when you listen and obey; fear constantly leaves you exposed and vulnerable to attack.

Love always meets your needs; fear never meets your needs.  Instead fear cons you into believing your needs are being met, meanwhile fear is further enslaving you and keeping you paralyzed, unable to move forward to achieve your full potential.

Love bears fruit of constant joy, peace, contentment and hope; fear yields only discouragement, suffering, sadness, and despair.

Love is humble and never too proud to say, “I don’t know”; fear is boastful, constantly shouting, “Look at me”.

Love is modest and meek; fear is pompous and vain.


Love requests with kindness; fear demands in arrogance.

Love is loyal and dependable, never abandons you when you make a mistake; fear is fickle and double minded.  Your friend today when all is going well; however, fear is quick to kick you to the curb when you no longer do its bidding.

Love gives constantly, leaving you always feeling full and satisfied; fear greedily takes more and more, always leaving you feeling empty.  This may explain why bingeing often happens when you are intensely emotional (fearing your needs won’t be met); and despite how much you eat, there is no sense of satisfaction.

Finally, love always treats you with respect; fear never shows any respect for your time, your health, or your money.  Fear wants what it wants now and does not care about the consequences to your total health.

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