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If money is not a worry for you, awesome! Some people find it easier than others to live within their means. They live comfortably because they have managed to learn the art of budgeting wisely and utilizing sales and coupons to help stretch their funds. However, some people don’t believe in coupons or shopping on the sale racks. Being wise about saving money is an excellent step towards keeping your stress down and staying healthy.

Coupons and sales are financially savvy

Shopping with coupons or waiting for sales can really keep funds in your wallet. Try never to need something so badly that it must bought at full price. Yet, do not deprive yourself within reason. Learn to be patient, which is a valuable trait when it comes to your finances, because you can get a lot more for your money when things are on sale (especially shoes and clothes).

When it comes to groceries, do not buy perishable foods (fresh vegetables and fruit) in bulk, because they will go bad before they can be used and will have to be discarded (wasting money unnecessarily). Do buy non-perishable foods in bulk; however, remember to check the expiration date and only buy the amount that you will be able to use before they expire.

Buy what is really needed

Examine the areas of your finances that you need to clean up. For example, how many phones do you really need? A hundred pairs of shoes are not a necessity unless you are a famous movie star. Let’s talk about the number of bags you have. Do you really need a matching bag for every outfit?

Reassess whether you need all the cable channels you have; consider getting rid of some channels or even switching to online streaming. Men, you don’t need ten different types of hammers or every latest electronic gadget. And just like women, you don’t need a hundred pairs of sneakers.

Learn to balance your check book, every time you add funds and each time you withdraw funds. Avoid the late night, early morning television shopping sprees when you are prone to make poor decisions because you are tired and sleepy.

Learn to cook at home to save money

Learn to cook your meals at home. While it is nice to go out to dinner occasionally, eating out excessively can put a dent in your wallet and increase your waist size. Prepare your lunches at home and take them to work (it’s cheaper, not to mention healthier). Are you a coffee drinker?  Stop buying that cup of coffee outside and brew your own at home and put it in a mug to go.

Travel cheaper and save money that would be used on cab fares

Public transportation, while it may not be the most comfortable, is still much cheaper than taking a taxi every day. Consider using the bus if you don’t have far to go or time is not of the essence. Another inexpensive form of transportation is walking, which is also a good way to burn extra calories while getting you from one location to another (improves your fitness).

Keep an eye on your supplies, so that you never have to run out to get something at full price or from the corner store that is always overpriced in comparison to the grocery store or Costco.

While it may not seem as if you save a lot of money initially, over time you will appreciate just how much money these little tricks can save you.

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