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12 Healthy Habits To Keep Weight Off

You may think I am crazy when I say losing weight is not difficult; yet, I know this to be a fact. I have lost more than 200 pounds in my life and losing it was a lot easier than keeping it off. In 2018 I figured out how to keep the weight off (see below some strategies I incorporated into my new healthier lifestyle).

be mentally prepared


I have always loved working out; therefore, a lack of exercise was not my downfall. My downfall was my response to my emotional state.

know the number of calories you eat daily

I UNDERESTIMATED DAILY JUST HOW MANY CALORIES I WAS EATING, especially when I was stressed; which was every day.

stress is a constant, learn positive coping strategies

ONE PIECE OF ADVICE THAT I RECEIVED FROM A WEIGHT LOSS COUNSELOR that stuck in my head: “there will always be stress, so you need to FIND healthier ways to manage your stress besides eating”.

identify the emotional triggers

I HAVE LEARNED HOW TO IDENTIFY MY EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS AND HOW TO NEUTRALIZE THEM (it took me years to understand just how destructive my thought process was, and to learn how to confront my emotions without the need to reach for food).

Many people will underestimate how much they are eating and overestimate how much physical activity they are getting daily. It is very difficult to guess the amount that I am eating because I can convince myself that any portion is one serving. To be accurate, it is better to weigh and/or measure the food.


Measure your food and become reacquainted with NORMAL portion sizes.

Take the time to chew the food slowly and properly (practicing mindful eating).

Consider eating every four hours to avoid feeling ravenous but choose what works for you.

Drink water, especially when you want to reach for food, and know it is not physiological hunger.

Try these healthy snacks: raw nuts, avocado, dark chocolate, fruit, and cucumber sticks with greek yogurt.

Avoid processed carbohydrates after 12:00pm.

Minimize the daily intake of highly processed carbohydrates (cookies, cakes, pasta, chips, etc.).

Consider eating dinner no later that 6:00 -7:00p.

Raw vegetables and fruit should make up a significant portion of the daily diet.

Meditate daily to center yourself.

Move and/or workout in some form daily (4 days intense and 3 days less intense); yet, do what you can to start.

Reward yourself with non-food items (music, soak in the tub, a good book, a new pair of walking sneakers, etc.).

keep an eye on your weight without stressing

Consider weighing once a week to help stay on track (notice if clothes fit loser if you do not want to weigh that often). Recognize the importance of treating yourself with compassion; accept that you may over-indulge from time to time. Yet, when you do, do not berate yourself, simply get right back on track the next meal or the next day. While change may be difficult, it is still attainable with commitment and your focused desire to be healthy.

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2 thoughts on “12 Healthy Habits To Keep Weight Off

  1. Thanks for that insightful article. I do believe people often underestimate the power of the mind when it comes to weight gain. They may admit it, but their primary concern is always what can I eat and how much exercise do I have to do. Those factors are important to becoming and staying healthy, but the right mindset will get you there and keep you there. Thanks!

    1. Having battled with emotional eating for many years, I will say that it is a battle; however, one that can be won. We must also understand that weight loss is a continuous journey that can be enjoyable with the right mindset. Thanks for reading.

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