Why Is It So Difficult To Make Healthy Choices?

You know the consequences of unhealthy choices, and still you make them. Why? We are human and we desire pleasure or the lack of pain and therein lies the rub. The pleasure we gain when we give into our desire for instant gratification if often not worth the pain we suffer later; yet we forget and repeatedly make the same choices.

Road “A” deceives you and because your focus is only on pleasure and no pain, you FORGET to look closely at the cost of choosing instant gratification (remember Eve and the apple).

the cost of instant gratification is too high

Every day until it becomes second nature, like brushing your teeth and combing your hair, say to yourself “instant gratification COMES AT TOO HIGH A COST”.

A cost that you are no longer willing to pay.  You are choosing instead a healthier lifestyle.  A lifestyle that will give you sustainable pleasure and more satisfaction in the long run.

Road “A” leads to pleasure and no pain; or that is what you think and/or believe.  Conversely, you think and/or believe that road “B” may cause too much pain (discomfort) and questionable pleasure.


  • Start by becoming aware of the consequences of your decision to choose instant gratification.
  • Pay attention to how often you thought or wished that you had not given into your desire.
  • Also notice the holes in your rationale, and decide to change your thoughts and beliefs to reflect reality.
  • Then make decisions (choices) that serve the greater good and your health.
Road ……………. ARoad ……………………. B
Instant gratificationDelayed gratification
Instant and short-lived pleasureDelayed but sustainable pleasure
Avoidance of painSome transient discomfort
Transient energySustained energy
Shaky confidenceMore confidence
Poor healthBetter/improved health
Transient joyConsistent joy
No contentmentContentment

YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES: transient or sustained?

Which will you choose, the road to transient pleasure or the road to a healthier and more fulfilling life that creates sustainable pleasure?

The healthier path will ultimately become the path of NO RESISTANCE once you choose it regularly.  With practice, what you once feared will become what you love and need to live the life that you have always wanted and desired.

Change your perspective, shift your focus, and appreciate what has always been within your grasp.  Fully embrace you and choose delayed gratification for a healthier you.

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